Sep 1 14 5:05 PM

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This past weekend, August 30-31, Fleet 13 held the Pacific Northwest Regional Championship in Port Townsend. According to Joe Daubenberger, they had a great regatta, the wind was light and a bit fluky but they managed to get off 7 races which provided everyone with a throw out. In the end:

Dorado 242, Joe Daubenberger 1st
Invader 1244, Mike Dotson 2nd
Selchie 101, Kwadwo Copeland 3rd
Raven 1190 Steve Scharf 4th
Kuma San 1248,Larry Fisher 5th
Thatuna 542,John Lynes, 5th
Kolus 1106, Ed Edwards 6th
Flair 595 Fred Ehrlrich was in 7th

I will try to get the full race results and post them.  However, hopefully next year we can get more boats out there.
Congrat Joe Daubenberger and the rest of the Dorado crew.