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You may view and search the forum without registering but we encourage you to participate, your insights may be just the thing another TBirder is looking for. Part of the enjoyment of the Thunderbird class is the strong community and we hope you'll want to belong.

What you'll find here:

Discussions on everything and anything related to Thunderbirds, sailing, the ITCA and good times on and off the water.


This is a family oriented forum so we ask that you keep your comments clean and be respectful of others. No foul language or personal attacks will be tolerated and may result in banishment from the forum. Otherwise, we will let your words speak for themselves without editing or censorship.

Posts on topics not relevant to Thunderbird sailboats or sailing (such as spam) with be deleted immediately. If you join solely for the purpose of posting such off-topic messages, you will be banned.


If you run into foul weather, you can email the harbormaster at thunderbirdfleet2@gmail.com and he'll see if he can't toss you a line.